Incuiry Features

All the tools you need to make your project a success.


Request information and files from clients in simple, online forms customized to fit the needs of each project.

Build custom online forms for your clients to complete. You can format requests, select response type, enable comments, or require files for each individual question or request.

File Sharing

A simple drag-and-drop makes file sharing easy. Secure shared files with passwords or automatic destruction settings to further protect sensitive information.


Save any custom built form as an editable template for repeated use. Apply multiple templates as sections to build an information request.


Clients can delegate limited access to a member of their staff, a 3rd party contact, or whoever may be best suited to provide certain information.


Stop sifting through scattered emails, attachments, messages and notes for critical information.
Project Composition

Every individual project page contains all information and files, communication, notes, and records in one location.

User Dashboard

Once you sign in, the dashboard provides an immediate, organized overview of recent project activity and communication.

Print Formatting

Print a snapshot of any project. Choose to include project details, the information request, the activity log, messages, or internal notes.

Direct Association

All information and files are directly associated with a specific request, reducing miscommunication and confusion about what information has been received.


Reduce the overwhelming number of emails and calls you receive about your projects.

Communicate with internal and external team members about each project in real time.

Client Summaries

Send any client a summary of all their active projects, including the level of completion, status, and any additional notes.


Comment on any client response or uploaded file to provide direct feedback.

Project Reminders

Send an email notification to any or all team members regarding the status, or other details, of a specific project.

Internal Notes

Record project-specific notes that can only be viewed by your internal team.

Project Management

Maintain a clear sense of where each projects stands at any given time.
Progress Tracking

Projects are tracked as responses received from clients are checked off, and various other milestones are reached.

Activity Log

Every relevant event that takes place in the completion of each project is logged for a transparent timeline of those events.

Project Status

Update the status of any project from a comprehensive list of milestones and add a note for further explanation, when necessary.

Granular Permissions

Set permissions for each project to control every user’s ability to edit content, upload and download files, leave comments, etc.


Incuiry's enterprise version allows you to place marketing content directly on your clients' dashboards.
Continual Exposure

Clients may not visit your website often after engaging your services, so maximize your exposure every time they log in to access their projects.

Sell More Services

Increase revenue per client by cross-selling, upselling, and marketing additional services to your clients.

Company Bulletin

Use this space to make announcements, or provide links to relevant information, company publications, and press.

Social Media

Place links to social media to help clients keep up with your latest news or announcements.


The protection of your data is paramount, and INCUIRY employs an array of security features to ensure your information is safe.

Remain compliant with administrative, technical and physical safeguards.

Data Encryption

All data and communication are encrypted in transfer and at rest.

Secure Data Storage

Our partners satisfy the most demanding data security requirements.

Granular Permissions

Set permissions to independently control various user functions.

Complete Activity Logs

Retain full transparency with a comprehensive history of events.

Data Expiration

Set parameters to automatically delete sensitive information.

Data Access Control

Set password protection and destruction for any uploaded file.

Universal Content Control

Remove any unnecessary or inappropriate content or file.